6 Things to Know Before Shooting E-Commerce Photography + Tips and Tricks to Get Started on a Budget

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When it comes to e-commerce photography, it can be very tedious work. What sets apart an amateur online store from a professional one? How can you create consistency in your and streamline your process? In this video, we cover 6 critical items to know and consider before you even begin shooting for your online store.

Don’t have money for a studio or fancy photo equipment? No problem! We also have a few tips & tricks you can easily apply that will get you professional looking . These tips are so easy, you can literally do it today with items in your house.

To skip directly to a certain topic here are the time stamps for each part.

0:00 – Welcome
1:30 – Creating Consistency
1:51 – Background Color
2:10 – Clipping vs. Original background
2:50 – Product Photo Dimensions
3:17 – Physical Product Dimensions
3:48 – Zoom Feature
4:13 – File Size
5:15 – Budget Tip 01 | Shoot Clothes on a Hanger
9:22 – Budget Tip 02 | Shoot Product in Environment
11:24 – Budget Shooting Warning
12:28 – Budget Tip 03 | What to do if You Don’t Have Lights
13:40 – JohnXSantos for Help with Setup
13:55 – Before & After Example

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