2009 Session:

Session Description – Find the Weird in Austin: How and Why to Submit Your Business to Google Local Search

Local search & targeting is big. It is getting bigger. It started as a Google experiment, but now more than 25% of searches return a Google Local result. This is expected to grow to more than 50% in 2009.

Whether your venture is a local business, a franchise, or a national company, your customers are increasingly using mapping tools and local business search tools for Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Without using the web-based local tools, you (and your customers) are lost; literally.

In this session, we will do a rapid introduction to local search, in order to get everyone up to speed. Then dive into more advanced topics, talking through options for connecting to your customers using map advertising, microformats, the search engines’ local business directories, and and location aware advertising.

About the Speaker

Ian Strain-Seymour & Cory Barbot

Apogee Search, Director Product Strategy & Search Specialist

Ian Strain-Seymour leads Apogee Search's product development team, working to deliver next generation tools for Apogee's teams. He espouses the credo that "he/she/it with the most, and best quality, data wins".

As Senior Search Specialist, Cory Barbot search engine optimization campaigns for oversees B2B, B2C and non-profit clients, devising strategies to improve rankings and increase leads and conversions for his clients. He is the natural search team’s resident local search and international SEO expert. Combined with these two perspectives, his background in client services ensures strategic, client focused online campaigns.

Cory earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from Hendrix College in Conway, AR. As a history buff, he understands the importance of tracking trends, viewing a problem from a multitude of angles and formulating solutions that are creative, flexible and thoughtful – all important to any search marketing campaign.

In his spare time, he enjoys Bookpeople, blogging, and attending Apogee’s unique spin on Oprah’s Book Club every Friday.