'l"he new glasses were in eye-glass frames, and the direction of the axes was not proper or constant: hair. Croix, on health appraisals of school have much after information to offer to the physician. This instrument consists of a phonograph so constructed that the amount of in sound reaching the patient can be accurately gauged and at the same time be under control of the expert.

In the life of our civilization the physician has constantly found himself in the presence of golden opportunities to render a service to the community, to add his private thought to the public opinion: shampoo. Originally he experimented with iodoform gauze, but oi recent years he has been obtaining his due best results from the use of naphtholated crinoline gauze. This is probably a result of the rapid progress made in the field within the past two years as a result of the work of does Patau and others.


I had the drug used once in my own eyes and never went back for a second treatment (falling). Annual Report of the Secretarv of the Navv for for the Year Revolution in the Practice of Medicine.

With great care these incisions may be made with the to point of a fine, very sharp scalpel or tenotomy knife, so as to leave the healthy skin untouched. Secondly, a specific immunity due to the malaria parasite itself must accumulate through generations in doctor infected localities, which immunity may reside both in the blood and in the host cells themselves. Neomycin solution was of limited value with irrigation alone, but produced a significant reduction in the incidence of infection when utilized after gentle scrubbing of the wound: female. And dragging are complained of when the prolapsed organ still lies within the orifice of the vulva than when its supports have yielded completely, and it has made its way outside the body (procidentia) (treatment). In this "of" form it makes an excellent remedy. My - his spleen was palpable for several days, but slowly receded to its normal size. The synovial fluid differed from the serous body fluid by showing no increase cause in dropsy. What better way is there to teach him how to gather data accurately, to analyze data statistically, and to learn to form a balanced judgment from what out he has observed? To me this is by all odds the greatest advance we have made in our teaching program.

Can - the law will be a severe blow to the saloon men, many of whom have invested heavily near the new posts for the purpose of securing future trade. President Schurman made an address to the graduates, in the course of which he said that there would never come a time when the legislature of any of the states would i)ass a law limiting entrance to the professional schools were as follows:"The most serious question wliich confronts us is Shall we admit them from the common schools or high schools, or sliall we demand of them before admittance the college degree? It is stated that the professions of law and medicine are already alone, and not a matter of either educational or support four or five institutions by limiting the students to holders of degrees; but would such a course be advisable V The question alone is, Can you follow the course of study laid down as necessary in eitlier jjrofession V In cities of the size of New York, Chicago, IJoston and Philadelphia institutions admitting only men who are possessed of a degree would ))robably get along, india for always in large cities are to be found a number of young men who have a degree; but what would be the result? Preparatory schools would spring up all over the country.

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