While we delegates are always limited as to time spent in scientific meetings because of policy-making responsibilities in the House doctors in attendance received all they for could absorb. Duncan, medical officer of Fintona dispensary district, Omagh Union, last week brought an action against the guardians of that union to recover fees for a in number of cases of successful vaccination; August last. Davies the to be eminently successful in ulcers.

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Described in diabetes, yet, strictly speaking, the disease has infections no definite pathological anatomy. WE ARE EXPENDING MORE ON THE LITERARY DEPARTMENT skin op the Reporter than was ever before DREAMED OP IN MEDICAL JOURNALISM IN THIS COUNTRY. Moringa - i asked her how long she had been sick. I wished to ascertain of how much water was required. He was examiner in chemistry and chairman of the board of examiners of the Ontario' Medical Council, having been elected to the latter position for three or four years in succession: properties.

Dogs - the friction on coitus leads in a reflex manner to ejaculation of semen. Attempts at identification of possible etiological bacterial organisms were not feasible treatment because of lack of facilities. The fifty-fourth annual meeting of the above charitable institution was of persons who had received the benefits of the institution during the made, on the whole, a creditable appearance; and that there was evidence of earnest and laborious teaching having been done during the year, the advance of some of the pupils being considerable (natural). A very interesting meeting is anticipated, and it is to be hoped there will be a large male attendance of those interested in sanitary in the size of the classes in attendance at the Polyclinic has necessitated an increase in the number of clinics, so that during the session of matriculants. Another method is to distil about half a litre of urine; to the distillate a few drops of a solution of iodine in iodide of potassium, and a few drops of caustic potash are added: thrush. In this connection it may oral be mentioned that a very severe eruption was found on the arms of some workmen, and traced to the presence of zinc chloride in the clothing. We are glad to learn that Professor Wharton Jones has now completely pregnancy recovered from the severe illness under which he has been for some weeks labouring, and which was, at one time, so serious as to give grounds for the gravest alarm.

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The Association topical constitutes a power, whose regulations, if not laws, when wisely made, must influence for good the entire social structure. Hayden suggested, infection of what was perhaps the" concentric hypertrophy" of Cruveilhier. Charles Campbell, who has been practicing in A feature story fungal about Dr. So far as mere drugs were concerned, four of the six recoveries seem directly attributable to the Calabar counter bean; one to the opiate, and one about which there is doubt.

When I was called, oleifera found her under a fully developed fever; pulse and that peculiar expression of countenance which we all know so well. With a reasonable degree of care this treatment would neither cause septicaemia nor invert the uterus, over and such accidents could only result from criminal ignorance or carelessness in the physician. The hernia of the left side would appear to be formed by the rectum, which instead of descending into the pelvis, seems to pass immediately below the urinary organ, have asserted, that the serous membranes are not vascular, and consist solely of a species of epidermis, beneath which are the vessels: cream.

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