Our author thinks that in these persons, without enlarged prostates, it is possible to quite thoroughly examine the bladder with the aid of an anaesthetic, by inserting one or two fingers into the rectum and pressingthe vertex down by the other hand placed upon the relaxed abdominal wall. He was emphatic in stating that group medicine is the medicine of the Dr. In the preparation of these severe toxic cases for operation our own preference has been to combine rest in bed with local and constitutional treatment according to the indications presented by the individual case, until the acute toxic symptoms subside.

In the left there is central fixation and a very limited lateral field.

Still, this overture to a Protestant had the effect of attracting Protestant students, who Cheselden, Mackenzie, Sabatier, Petit, Levret, Moreau, Albin and Gaub are recorded as his teachers: corti. The perforation exists before doing the caloric irrigation; for we must not convert a dry ear into a discharging one. Macpherson assures me that in giving galvanic baths, he"prefers to use I would strenuously insist on the exclusive use of these tubs, if for no other reason, because that it defends against any subtle electric action. The auricular septum was wanting, and the ventricular imperfect. To this end, rough handling and the employment of strong and irritating solutions should be avoided. It is of interest that the patient's mother has been operated upon several times for carcinoma of the breast and since the last operation there has been In conclusiqji: The growth involving the tonsil was smooth, with mucosa intact, pinkish in color, and soft with no signs of ulceration until the last, and, with the repeated laboratory reports of inflammatory lymph-adenoid tissue make it highly probable that the growth was a lympho-sarcoma and the great value of radium in this particular THERE are no cases which give the physician greater concern than the so-called borderline cases. The patient was a young man in good general health who suffered the effects of a gasoline stove explosion. George It was moved, seconded and carried that they be Moved that the following be approved as members Seconded and carried that they be approved. The so-called premycotic lesions in two cases of mycosis fungoides were made to disappear. The appearance of fat the tubercular ulceration is distinctive and peculiar.

Foreign matter was neither found in any of the wounds nor about the arms or clothes. Healthy subjects were chosen, and were carefully quarantined for three weeks.

In children with the inherited form of disease they are more common, but not so frequent as Birch-Hirschfeld's observations (five cases of intestinal lesion in forty of syphilis) would seem to show. I will not mention the long list of other cases in which it is just as applicable, since after calling your attention to its general action it would only be an insult to specialize. It is with satisfaction, unmixed with personal feelings, that I congratulate you upon the establishment by your energetic and earnest faculty of a chair of instruction in this department. In fraternal organizations on the contrary the examiner is elected by a vote of the local lodge or branch, and the man who is elected is as a rule not the best qualified physician of the locality, but on the contrary is a young man without much practice, the"fraternal feeling" being exemplified by the desire of the lodge members to give the youngster a chance. He insisted that the safest starting point was actual experience, that difficulties in the way of good work were hospital routine, insufficiency of physicians in institutions, and consequent carelessness in clinical observation. The management of infectious diseases, Young, Influenza.


Any physician who wishes a condensed, modern treatise on these subjects will find this book very satisfactory. The doctor anointed his eyes with the same ointment he used reviews among his horses, upon which the man falls blind, and the cause is brought before the judge, who acquits the physician.

His directions are brief and concise (vitalabs). This is borne out by clinical experience, for the cases of urethral tuberculosis are so rare as to be author has seen but ten, the lesions were for the most part in the posterior urethra near the site of the vesical tuberculosis, and they do not start from the meatus and travel along the canal, as might be expected if the infection had been external. Beilby,"The Complement-Fixation Test for Syphilis," movie"Tumors of the Breast," Frederick H.

Don't keep up an hourly sopping with some late triumph of the crucible, with the malignant purpose of destroying a possibly innocent microbe that may have come to do a little scavenger work. The solder ran on my hand and in jerking it to displace the solder threw off with it the burned skin leaving a raw surface. One is certainly tempted daring the attack of hay fever to apply his caustics to these watery, swollen tissues, but I am sure that if that is done too freely after the attack of hay fever has passed off there is later an insufficient evaporation of moisture from the nose.

These investigations of Schiiller were too carefully and numerously made to permit of doubt, and established the fact which now only needs universal It matters not whether the predisposing diathesis be inherited or later acquired; it is burner usually easily recognizable, and when observed calls for redoubled attention, both to the general and the local condition.

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