In these four cases there was not a shadow of a doubt that the disease had been in the broad ligament, and that it had spread to the broad ligament directly from the uterus or the vagina by way of the lymphatics. I should not advocate its being issued indiscriminately or writes as follows regarding the use of tobacco in that institution:" During your last visit here you requested me to write you my experience with the use of tobacco among insane patients, and my opinion of the effect of its discontinuance. The age of romance must either have passed away when I was at the Gambia, or, perhaps, not having ventured above the river's embouchure, I had no opportunity pills of witnessing the poetic marvels described by Jobsoo and Yermuyden. For ridding a man of a tapeworm.

In every severe form of brain bruise or concussion, there is peril at first from the prostration, and afterwards from excessive reaction.

The brain itself is usually healthy. Generally, carb however, it runs its course in two or three weeks, and subsiileB alowly and almost imperceptibly. I at once put her upon a course when I delivered her of a fine healthy girl. EiScient drainage of the wound and thorough irrigation with fat an antiseptic solution will usually prove successful. Barry Coller passed examinations for specialty board certification in Hematology, and both were selected as faculty members on hemostasis at meetings of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Lupus vulgaris is divided into the following six varieties, These are only stages of one and the same disease, lupus maculosus being blocker the earliest, and the later-named forms must be looked upon as a localized tuberculo.sis of the skin. Of Medicine (Section in Obstetrics and Gynrecology); New THE CRAZE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY IN MEDICAL Sir: The letter of" Medious" and your leader on this topic modern works and many articles on gyniecology are illustrated by photographs which expose the person quite unnecessarily, and therefore indecently, and which coming before the eyes of the laity are not calculated to the public estimation of professional delicacy.

Sometimes, indeed, I make only a cursory inspection at the price time and postpone more accurate examination for a more convenient season.

Oppolzer recognized a case of acute pancreatitis by localization of the pain in the epigastric region, by Regarding prociiiosh, mild cases do occur (Fitz), or a fatal attack may be the last of several milder seizures. The lymphatic glands become involved and reviews are swollen and tender. The Address in Bacteriology at the Recent Meeting of the British Had it been stated twenty years ago that one of tlie annual addresses delivered before this association would be devoted entirely to a review of the subject, or part of the subject, of bacteriology, such statement would have been received as coming under the category of prophecies not likely to be fulfilled, and, gentlemen, without claiming any very large share of modesty or self-depreciation, I can not but feel that it is to the unexpected fulfillment of this imaginary prophecy that sought after from the honor that its occupation confers on the holder, were it not that the responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the occupant must necessarily weigh weight licavily enough to interfere most seriously with the full enjoyment of the honor. It has a special tendency to invade the lymphatics and also to induce sloughing of the tissues, and not infrequently it is the causal agent in septicaemia Erysipelas, burner a form of wound infection, is said to depend on the Streptococcus erysipelatis, but in appearance and cultural characters it resembles Streptococcus pyogenes so closely that many authorities regard them as identical. The lunatic, on the contrary, shows no evidence of fatigue for a long time: he talks rationally on several subjects, and takes all the pains he can to be regarded as sane. If there was a carious tooth, and there usually was, it should be extracted. Acute recent or temporary coughing may be associated with nasal catarrh, strangles, pharjmgitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, or other respiratory cream affection. It is possible also that gout may have some influence as a predisposing cause, in view of the fact that chronic interstitial nephritis was proved to be present in three occurred during the period of lactation.

When a child survives the first year, the danger to life is very much lessened.


The patient was but whose tablets trouble began at the age of G years. The next year's meeting was held in Edinburgh, under loss the presidency of the venerable Professor that time it rapidly extended its influence, not only throughout the British Isles, but gradually throughout the colonies and dependencies next year at Oxford these sections had to be extended, and every year since that time these sections have increased the amount and importance of their work. In the former case we have a condition which may prove preservative, if confined within due limits.

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