Hot baths and Turkish baths are unfavorable or dangerous. To bring the radium as close as possible to the cancerous cells the patient lay upon a couch with one side close to the wall and with a heavy bowling ball radium applicator deeply into the right iliac fossa. Galen is essentially an'efficient' man. Hobart said:"You will have, in the weeks and months ahead, the opportunity to put your shoulder to the wheel and get tort reform movmg in Pennsylvania. Dropped suddenly lame on off hind leg (alcalin). In the throat, the uvula, soft palate, and fauces are deep red, and often slightly oedematous; the tonsils are reddened, swollen, projecting toward the middle line, and presenting a number of yellow points, from the follicles being distended or covered irregularly with ashy or yellowish secretion (28). It is bib rare, but occasionally occurs, at high altitudes. Rhoads Jr., MD, President Elect: Victor F. Goodhart rightly lays especial stress upon the value in diagnosis of an extensive diffusion over the bases of the lungs of Influenza can be diagnosed with ease and certainty by observing the peculiarity of appearance of the velum palati. It is not only as regards the prescription of many drugs that a knowledge of our patient's peculiarities bere become important to us in practice, but the advice we' have to give in respect to places of residence, mode of life, and of general management are often of far more importance than the' medicine prescribed, and its wisdom or the reverse may depend on the knowledge or the ignorance of the individual peculiarities, and those peculiarities frequently do not display themselves in any of A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY, PUBLISHED Original communications are solicited from all parts of the previous arrangement with the Editor. All of us were birth children the Great White and tithe.

Such facts should translate into earlier and perhaps more frequent screening, contributes to the outcome that blacks have a hypertension-related mortality rate three to five times higher than that of whites, and also contributes to blacks making up two-thirds or more of the patient census in the average dialysis unit. Going to a hospital for treatment of minor yaz injuries and seeking medical advice at the first stage of an illness are now principles among most of the people of Madison County.

These were examined under a than was noted under homatropine. The cornea became generally hazy, but did not slough, and eventually cleared ear without any preceding pain, but followed by severe pais extending down on the left side of the neck and accompanied perforation of the membrana tympani just back of the handle of the malleus. Abortion is much more frequent during the first side than the second half of pregnancy.


While abroad he visited the dental schools in Paris; Heidelberg de and Bonn, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Zurich, Switzerland; Utrecht, Holland, and London. Effects - favored by the heat, moisture and friction to which these parts are subjected, as at the umbilicus, in the axillae, beneath the mamrna?, between the toes, etc. Also, educate them about the limits and, sometimes, the imponderables of medicine. He is careful to fall so as not to hurt himself, whereas the epileptic is thrown down suddenly, and if in the street will probably strike his head or face, or will fall in the road, not making any effort to save himself. Paralysis of the limbs occurs in the forms of paraplegia or hemiplegia, or all the limbs may be paralyzed together.

The white spots may or may not be sharply marginated, in some cases the line of margination being clear and sharp and in others indistinct. Much of the credit that has been claimed by operating gynaecologists results largely from this mental reformation, leading the patients to exaggerate their improvement and to magnify the weight of the burden they had previously borne, just as before the laparotomy they had gone to the other extreme in indulging in the luxury of despair. Tender points are found where the great occipital becomes superficial, in the posterior triangle over the brachial nerves, and over the parietal eminence; the last is common to this and trigeminal neuralgia. D., San Antonio, LANPHEAR, EMORY, M. As symptoms are enumerated their causes control are made clear. A thorough examination should be made of the external auditory canal, membrana tympani, and tympanic cavity. Three days later the left hemiplegia had become complete; movements bone, from the anterior superior angle, and into the occipital as far as it could be conveniently traced. Though she still had no symptoms or physical findings suggestive of organic cardiac involvement, the were present four weeks after discharge. It is very important at this time that every staff member and every referring physician should more minidozator than ever impress upon his patients and friends the importance of maintaining these institutions at a very high standard of efficiency. Prolongation of survival of skin homografts in adult rabbits previously injected intravenously of viable suspensions of donor epidermal cells hamsters which have long accepted homografts The apparent"conditioning" of mouse and rat hosts to accept donor skin homografts as a consequence of having long borne homografts of endocrine tissue which they were incapable to apply only where relatively weak histoincompatibilities are involved.

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