He had had a good deal of experience with removal of the ovaries for insanity, and had had some happy results; on the reports indicated that there was a gradual relapse into the Dr. This is another form of disease, which appears to depend upon a congenital tendency to decay or atrophy of muscular fibres, without any preliminary increase in the fatty or connective tissue. In this same class of reviews cases, however, he has often met with marked anaemia of the retinal arteries. Tlie anterior extremity is bluntly rounded, and the transverse diameter increases in width towards the junction witli the posterior discoidal portion. H., further research regarding the phosphatic index or the Dukeman, W. Now what is the solution to this problem? believes that through the co-operation of legal and medical societies in various sections of the country, panels of competent psychiatrists should be formed;. In his opinion best results were obtained by an education of the public Dr. This morning I would like to direct your attention to the possibility that we should be doing more and The introduction of chemotherapeutic agents and antibiotics has made possible the prompt control of most nose and throat diseases and hence a lowered incidence of middle ear and mastoid infections. On opening the pocket a little pus escaped and the appendix was found in three distinct separate pieces which were then removed, the parts were swabbed dry and the abdomen closed. Most of the cases treated by Iselin were suppurations of the tendons in the hand, and the results in such cases were most gratifying. These investigations suggest that the first indication of visual fatigue is shown by fatigue of accommodation. Often the child seems perfectly well, and, except for occasional local discomfort when he gets rid of an unusually large or hard mass, may appear to suffer no inconvenience at all. It is a common experience of breeders to have mares that worked through the winter carry a larger proportion of foals the full time But not all mares can be worked through the winter on farms where the bulk of the summer's crop is put in and tended with brood mares. I suppose that the nearest approach to an artificial food suitable for children suffering from this complaint is that preparation recently brought out by an eminent New York firm of druggists.


Of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the annals of cancer therapy. To such a conference should be invited all the members of the National Council, all members and especially presidents and secretaries of state examining boards, all members of state committees on medical legislation, representatives of various colleges, sectarian schools of medicine, prominent abundance of information had been collected, tabulated and published regarding medical colleges, standards, students, graduates, facilities and equipment. We are often constrained to decline articles which, although they buy may be creditable to their authors, are not suitable for publication in this journal, either because they are too long, or are loaded with tabular matter or prolix histories of cases, or deal with subjects of little interest to the medical profession at large. Is a given case of laryngitis diphtheritic or not? If there are patches in the throat, if there is albuminuria, if the laryngitis has been caught by contagion or transmits disease to another, and if it is followed by paralytic symptoms, it is diphtheritic. Relieved from duty at Fort Sully, Dakota, and uk ordered to duty at Fort Missoula, Harvey, Philip F., Captain and Assistant Surgeon.

Conditions existing prior to pregnancy and unrelated thereto. In performing the utero-ovarian operations silk should be preferred as a ligature, and one amazon should be particular to see that a sufficient number of ligatures is used to effectually crush the nerves and not merely pinch them. The United States and certainly it encourages me to see the profession advancing at the rapid rate that I as one of you can see it. Therefore, as a large majority of species of domestic animals are susceptible to this infection, and as a constant relation may exist between an attack of one form of necrobacillosis and the previous occurrence of another type of the infection in the same or another species of animal, it behooves one to prevent any susceptible animal of whatever species from coming in contact with a diseased one, or with such corrals, sheds, manure, and In whatever part of the animal body the Bacillus necrophorus o For a detailed study of the bacteriology and pathology of the Bacillus necrophorus presence, by whatever name the disease process may be called, be it foot rot, necrotic quittor, necrotic scratches, necrotic vaginitis or metritis, or necrotic stomatitis, there we find a hotbed of infection and the certain groundwork of an enzootic. Possibly mental symptoms in cases of syphilitic meningoencephalitis might be partly of endocrine origin, due to involvement of the pituitary gland. It is evident that such bubbles can act exactly as emboli, and hence, if in the corte.x, are more liable to produce monoplegia than hemiplegia.

Dependent upon tlie reduction of the pressure of the fluid or on other general intracranial reaction, even if such reduction is of very short duration, and is not related to the injury produced by the needle. This alone should greatly tend to increase the number of deaths at night, and, if there was any truth in the accepted notion, the records should show quite a preponderance of deaths happening at night. The more dirty the coat, the greater seemed to he the pride of the surgeon who wore it.

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