The clear space around the giant cell is filled more and more with pus, until it presents a small abscess, which opens towards the surface. London: Edwin Arnold; New Broncliiectatic Conditions. Evein if we do not entirely agree with the wisdom of a rule, we desire to conform to it The profession of medicine in Prince Edward Island has lost its profession and of the public.

We appear to be living in the golden age.

Has appointed a board composed of medical officers of the army and navy to consider improvements in the matter of first-aid dressings and the advisability of the adoption of a uniform equipment in the medical departments of the army and the navy. In other cases the sedative is not needed, for the cleansing m.ay bring the irrtation to an end, or the astringent after eftect of the"candy medicine" be sufficient. The sixth and last part is devoted to descriptions of various The one criticism that can be made, is that many of the, I illustrations are not as clear and cleanly cut as they ji should be. Merritt exhibited the lungs of a child seventeen months old that died the day before at the Sheltering Arms pills Nursery. The popular belief that the child-bearing women of a barbarous and semicivilized peoples escape many of the pangs their civilized sisters undergo, would receive quite a setback were a careful investigation made. To restrain a harmless physical activity will breed resistance in the patient, and may result in undue violence on the part of the attendants. Accidentally thrust the blade into his right leg, puncturing the femoral and when medical assistance was procured the patient was almost pulseless.


It contains "slimming" entertaining matter for the whole family.

Schemata like the above seem to be the closest approach to a classification of the types of physiologic disorders which is now possible. He was greatly indebted to Jefferson for his repeatedly affirmed views on educating the public in medical matters, as well as Jefferson's strong beliefs as to the values to a republic of the diffusion of all knowledge among the people. This, not only on account of the far higher incidence of positive cultures, but also because, from this source. In many places pits made only by blasting, and when thus made were of insufficient size and could not be properly cared for (effects). These may be called "slim" the odic colors or rays of the second grade. Moreover, pus, by increasing the coagulability of blood-fluids, tends to form a sticky dejiosit of fibrin on the walls of the wound, thus checking or preventing the flow of fresh serum through these infiltrated walls to take the place of that which has would appear that in the early stages of wound infection, when the saprophytic anaerobic organisms are in force, it will be better to rely on the bactericidal power of fresh serum than to accept the boomerang help of the phagocj'tes, whose temporary- success leads ultimately to defeat unless the altered serum is rapidly removed by drainage. The absolute sterilization of catgut was no longer difficult, and it was now realized that so-called catgut infections usually had their origin in a contamination of the gut through handling or in allowing it to come in contact with unclean surfaces or substances in or about the wound. There was no skin grafting done, l)Ut the patient was also treated for his intestinal parasites, with the tistial remedies.

Patient made a rapid recovery, and was entirely free from his old complaint three months afterwards. The analysis was as follows: Bile Trice No stomach epithelium Blood Quantity A few bacilli, small Feces showed blood, otherwise normal. .xxxri Temperance Male Nurses' Co-operation.

Chloroform I give only when patients for various reasons cannot take ether. Ai'thur, Tliat the report of the Discipline ("oiiuiiittee l)e adopted and tliat upon the faet.s ascertained and appearing in tlie said report and the evidence therein referred to the said Dr.

Some physicians scrape off the dried lymph, thus wasting the greater part of it.

The past year has seen the production of very little new or original work. Claiemont, and Ellen M., daughter of Bolivar Lovell, or Alstead.

From the time the ether was started until the average time was forty-six minutes.

Tubes are distended, air-sacs ordinarily inactive or feebly expanded are brought into fullest action, increased oxygenation is produced, blood is more fully vivified, and heart and circulation stimulated: strength results, and a general improvement of nutrition.

The treatment was begun about one year since, and mobility side permitting use of the elbow and wrist joints has been secured.

In those cases where collapse made itself remarkable I resorted to injections of brandy per anum and sinapisms, gradually enveloping the review whole of the body in sheets of mustard poultice.

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