Tip 6 of 21 Small Business Marketing Strategies – Partner with Suppliers

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Thank you! I created this guide to help savvy owners like you get more out of your marketing spend. Before you spend $1 advertising, here are 21 things you can do right now to grow your . The 21 tips are based on the “Four Mores of Marketing”.

more customers
more dollars
more product,
more often.

Your suppliers are likely national or international providers. They will have a wealth of content sales materials you could potentially use for marketing. They may even offer financial incentives to promote their products or services on your website, socials or shopfront. Reach out to them ask about co-marketing opportunities. You may be surprised by what they’re prepared to offer. In my past roles, I would pay thousands to local businesses for website landing pages, in-store displays, social posts, mailouts and more — covering almost all their costs.

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