Top 3 Small Business Marketing Strategies (When you have no employees to help you!)

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Top 3 Strategies (When you have no employees to help you!) //

If you are looking for marketing strategies for small business in 2019, this is the video for you as we reveal the top 3 strategies for 2019. is very different than large corporation marketing especially when you have no employees to help you. Marketing strategies for small business are different because they require you to use your limited time and resources to their full advantage. These are specifically useful for social media marketing in 2019. Marketing strategies for small businesses that have no employees to help with their marketing activities need to be unique which is why these top 3 strategies will transform your marketing efforts. The video will help with , and aligning it with your strategy for your small business marketing in 2019. These top 3 marketing strategies for small business social media are presented by Mallory Graham.

This video is developed and produced by entrepreneur and digital marketer Mallory Graham of



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Marketing Strategies for Small Business

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