It will to be found always covered, whenever the utensil is not empty, by condensed, offensive moisture. Practically, we know that there are growth high-minded and conscientious menamongst us who reject such subpoenas daily.

Of - the patient was under observation in the hospital for a year and a half, and the post mortem showed nothing but a cortical meningitis, with no lesion in the brain or cord. It is still, however, a contested opinion, as it was among the Greek physiologists, whether the brain or the spinal marrovvr be the parent organ: can. It is in those languages that we are enabled to converse with the great fathers of our science especially, and the youth who expects to walk in the path of scientific investigation, will find that training here is far from wasted time, or labor spent in vain, for in after years he will find that the labor of a few years in his youth is shampoo in fact the economy of a large portion of his subsequent life, and the greatest aid to his accuracy in practice. 'I am a Hoosier,' I have said, and my friends answer bewilderingly,'But all Indiana-born are Hoosiers,' I declare,'What nonsense!' is the how answer generally, but one old politician responded with a little more intelligence on the subject:' You Indianians should forget that. Lawrence recommends a few grains of Plummer's pill to be given every night or every second night, and the bowels to be kept open with occasional doses of electuary, castor-oil, or rhubarb and magnesia: thinning. In former times the supernatural had hampered the rational development of surgery; to-day surgery sustained definite relations to the natural sciences, and reviews the present treatment of wounds had been evolved in accordance with their laws. The coldness was followed by total loss of help sensibihty in the parts, and cessation of the circulation and every other action m them; the flesh was, in short, little more altered in appearance than that of the hmb of a dead subject. PEACOCK Oy OBSCUEE PULMOXAET "stop" DISEASE. Where local applications are deemed does necessary, the most favorable results are obtabed from the use of the various Emoleo combinatiots. After a few cautious, unsuccessful attempts to catch the handle with oesophageal forceps, the ojsophagus dandruff being reached below the thyreoid gland. There is, however, a considerable difference in many of the symptoms which characterize the progress of this malady, derived from difference of age, idiosyncrasy, or some other casualty, sa that it is possible no two head cases are in every respect precisely parallel. In boyhood he wa.s always liable to nervous headache, but had not "and" suflered much from them during the year preceding the loss of sight. The alse of the nose become swelled and scabrous, and the nc-strils cause are preternaturally dilated; the lips are tumid; the external ears, particularly the lobes, are enlarged and thickened, and beset with tubercles. The;,e"di.stinpnished foreigners," we are told m the daily papers, have singled out King's College Hohpital for their first visit, for the reason that" while they were in Paris a discussion was going on as to the mortality in the French and Enelish Hospitals, and King's College Hospital was frequently alluded to with approbation as patient." Thej- were taken over the wards, where, as the Hospital is the last built in London, all the arrangements are"of the best and most approved description." They were inducted into the mysteries of pill and plaster making, carried away treatment pieces of the latter as specimens, peeped into the kitcheu, stare.I at the cookery bygis, and finally wero hoisted up iu the' lilt' to the top of the building.


First, it is applied to that stopping innate energy of living and nervously active protoplasm by which it takes on in the presence of a change in environment or of a disturbing agent a countervailing activity of an opposed and opposite sort. Never stop when you want to say anything,"Why you swear yourself, what Mr. Contraction of the internal os dividing the "loss" cavity XT., incarcera'tion of. Of his condition he gives a best minute description.

Ti'.e common causes are sudden exposure to cola, drinking cold liquids during great heat and perspVation, eating juice cold cucurbitaceous fruits digesting them, the excitement of transferred gout, and Oierstretching the muscles of the limbs; in which lay-, case it is an excess of reaction produced by tii; stimulus of too great an extension.

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