Business And Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs

My name is John Lee and in this video I to give you some for entrepreneurs that I personally recommend use for my online marketing! I hope these strategies help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur!
In this video I want to give you a list of my favorite online marketing strategies. So if you are struggling when it comes to getting started with marketing, this is video for you! I can promise you that if you start following the strategies in my video, you start having in marketing your online business to the right audience!!

1. Use social media
2. Create video tutorials
3. Start blogging or Vlogging now
4. Understand search engine optimization
5. Leverage influencers
6. Build a great lead magnet
7. Use Facebook ads with re-targeting
8. Use LinkedIn the right way
9. Create an affiliate program
10.Use Email Marketing Sequences

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In this video I want to about some basic online marketing techniques for entreprreneurs that you can start using today I want to teach you these basic marketing techniques to help you with your business marketing techniques.

My name is John Lee as an entrepreneur I want to give you tips on what I learned on my entrepreneurship journey! I hope these tips lead to in your digital marketing !

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