The best small business marketing strategies and tactics? Profit Acceleration Group Coaching 082020

Do you wonder what business marketing strategies and tactics are? Frustrated and not getting results you want? This video is clear, concise and helpful to grow your business with practices and helpful tips.

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Video contents:
0:00 – introduction and review of ideal NARROW target market, copywriting that works, power partners and joint ventures
3:44 – marketing strategies – preeminence, positioning, print ads, fusion, joint ventures, direct mail, www, social media, networking, referrals, former clients, phone, media, survey others in our industry
8:49 – opt-in systems, irresistible giveaway, client relations management systems [CRM], nurture and feed your tribe, autoresponder rule of 5 – a must see!
18:31 – superstar online marketing model, making online marketing simple, social media, video, SEO, PPC, website features, five star reviews, local directories and more.
28:48 – marketing tactics, 100 examples with best ones highlighted, including blogs, video, youtube, business cards, local directory listings, social media, instagram, linkedin, facebook, meetup, chamber, BNI, pink spoon secret tip, free samples, coupons, conferences, TV, radio, podcasts, article writing, seminars, webinars, billboard, signage, email and more …
39:00 The End

Unlock your A-Game!

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